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Top 5 Words That Aren’t Used Enough

1- Cacophony- Today, as I waited for a train in Union Square, I was assaulted by the nonstop cacophony in the station.

2- Lascivious- While it is no doubt lascivious in nature, I can’t help but adore Game of Thrones.

3- Loathsome- There is nothing more loathsome than the marriage of strong opinions and weak thoughts.

4- Unbecoming- Don’t talk with food in your mouth darling, it’s unbecoming.

5- Bemused- I was bemused by tonight’s exhibit…which may or may not indicate its worth.

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Top 5 Phrases I Loathe To Hear

1- “Well, actually”—Who’s with me? Generally speaking, these two little words are the most condescending beginning to any sentence ever uttered. And more often than not, the speaker just didn’t get your sarcasm in the sentence prior to this little verbal slap.

2- “Hand me/ Give me/ Get me”—If I wanted to take commands, I would’ve joined the military. However, pepper in a few “would you’s” or “could you’s” and I’m all ears.

3- “They …. (fill in the blank)”—In this instance, “they” refers to any religious choice, ethnic group or frankly, any mass grouping of INDIVIDUALS. If you do this, please stop…it’s incredibly offensive.

4- “First World Problems”—Can’t we think of a better phrase for this sentiment? While I do believe that we do need to put our privileged “problems” in check (broken Keurig, lost wifi password, etc), I always get a dirty feeling when hearing this statement. Too many people seem to say it in a cocky and pretentious, “Oh I’m so lucky” way…and that is so not cute.

5- “You have to be a realist”—This one is courtesy of my mother. Ya know what, maybe I want to have two jobs in high school, travel the world, meet a prince (no lie, totes happened)…and live off of ramen and good times. Insurance is overrated, anyways 😉

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