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Top 5 Reasons I Watch Bravo

1- It’s my one chance to feel like the snarky, sassy, and mouthy gay male I know I was supposed to be in real life.

2- I keep waiting for Rachel Zoe to dump her husband…okay, okay I know that’s mean. Maybe if he would just lose those cheeseball necklaces?

3- I love catching inside dirt on LeAnn Rimes from Brandi Glanville.

4- The clothes…I just can’t handle it.

5- Life isn’t all diamonds and rosé…but it should be!

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Top 5 Things From Which You Just Can’t Recover

1- Forgetting to wash the conditioner out of your hair. If you’re on a time crunch, put it in a bun and swear up and down you’re rocking the “Black Swan” look.

2- Talking smack about someone standing directly behind you. Check yourself before you wreck yourself!

3- Being a Chris Brown fan. If his physical assaultS aren’t bad enough, his Halloween costumes/tattoos/tweets/etc prove he is a horrible human being who does not deserve your money and/or support.

4- Getting embarrassingly intoxicated at a work function. Two drink max, people!

5- Being labeled a “Homewrecker.” Ask Angelina Jolie, it’s been eight years and people still hate her…and she’s a Goodwill Ambassador!! Be nice and wait your turn.

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