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Top 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Delete Your Facebook Account

1- You know when your ex-boyfriends get engaged, get married, or best of all, get fat.

2- You skip the massive email chains of family photos…one click and you’re done. Phew.

3- It’s not as intimate and/or creepy as texting.

4- When your best friend acts up, you can quickly access those embarrassing photos from freshman year. Blackmail betch.

5- You can stalk your new crush…and make sure you’ve never had inappropriate relations with any “mutual” friends.

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Top 5 Things That Make Me Feel 18 Again

1- Pita Pit. As one of the few establishments that stayed open late night if my college town, I have fond memories of many a scene made/pita devoured in this little spot.

2- 50 Cent. Just one, “lil mama show you how you move it” and I’m time-warped to VIP entrances, clubs, and lycra halter tops.

3- Ribbon belts, flip flops, and watches. What? You don’t consider that the epitome of style? What’s wrong with you?!

4- Pointless driving. I feel like a solid portion of my late teenage years was spent wasting gasoline with friends for no apparent reason…or for fairly pointless reasons (i.e. stalking crushes who didn’t even know we existed).

5- Dirty, trashed, and fratastic (multi) million-dollar homes from the 1800s. #charlestonproblems

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