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Top 5 Random Confessions (Go Ahead And Judge)

1-  I don’t get the whole cereal addiction. There is absolutely no way HUMANLY POSSIBLE to get the cereal to milk ratio correct and frankly, it’s too loud in my ears.

2- Even though I typically order balsamic, I would rather be having ranch.

3- I was always confused by the whole “mirror, mirror on the wall” thing. Clearly the Queen is prettier than Snow White.

4- Quite often, I would rather be alone. I like to read, ponder, think, write, and wander…all things that are tricky to do in tandem.

5- I have an obsessive need to know how things are spelled. My brain processes thoughts in words, so if I don’t know how to spell something it’s like a jammed record player until the issue is resolved. Just ask my friends (especially the superfreak smart ones) how often I say “how do you spell that?”.

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Top 5 Things That Unsettle Me

1- Foreign pronunciation. Do you pronounce the word correctly and risk sounding like a pompous prick? Or do you go with the general pronunciation and risk sounding like an uneducated plebe? I never know what to do!
(common offenders: Cap-ri or Cuhpri, Lou-vre or Louve, VUI-tton or Vatahn)

2- Oxford commas. So apparently, these are not necessary in our modern age…but I still heart them! I’ve tried to switch over but just can’t commit. I love that little guy.

3- Carry-on measurements. Does anyone’s bag actually fit in those little metal boxes? Doubtful. My advice is to walk past swiftly and determined…once you get past security you’re clear! They can make you gate-check but it won’t cost you anything, huzzah!

4- Tipping at semi-self-serve places. So I ordered, picked up my food, and fixed my own drink…but you cleared away the dishes. What is the appropriate protocol here?!

5- Asking for ranch dressing. God knows I love it…but no doubt the server is judging. Also, as sweet as it can be, the southern accent does nothing for the word “ranch.”

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