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Top 5 Moments I Want To Relive

1- Getting my driver’s license. Oh the freedom! Oh the glory! Oh the possibilities! Almost too much for a well-intentioned 15-year-old to handle (yes I said 15…can you tell I’m from the South?!).

2- Traveling abroad alone for the first time. True, I was crying and terrified when I actually walked away from my family/thenboyfriend…but my how that moment changed me!

3- 8th Grade Awards Day. Boy, did I clean UP that spring afternoon. I had more awards/medals than General Petraeus…and without the awkward cheating scandal to boot!

4- My first cocktail party. It was love at first sight.

5- Watching my grandpa get his first dealership bought, no miles, brand spanking new pick-up. As much as the old codger wouldn’t admit it, the joy was written all over his face.

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Top 5 Things That Don’t Creep Me Out…That Should.

1- Fair Food. Yea, yea, yea…say what you will about the cleanliness, fat content, and all around sketchiness of those technicolor food trucks…then pass me a funnel cake, please.

2- Living in a city where I don’t speak the language. I’ve done this several times and ya know what? It’s really not that scary. You’d be surprised what you can communicate with a little bit of hand motions and some improv dance moves.

3- Nudity. Long gone are the middle school days of crouching behind a love seat to change clothes and/or the infamous locker room paranoia. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

4- Hot dogs. I know that their origins are a bit suspect…but they taste like childhood, baseball games, and heaven.

5- Random (tasteful) compliments from strangers. Words that are ok: beautiful, pretty, stylish, fun.  Words that are not ok: slang for any body part. Gross!

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