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Top 5 Urban Legends That Still Freak Me Out

1- The Killer in the Backseat. I have this tall tale to thank for my compulsive (compulsive) need to keep doors locked. Don’t believe me? Ask my friends who get annoyed with the constant  “Hey, do you mind locking your door” request.

2- Lights Out Gang Initiations. You all know the story…a group of wannabe gang members drive around at night without their headlights on until some kind citizen flashes his/her lights as a warning signal. The gang then chases aforementioned citizen down for kicks and giggles. Um, terrifying. 

3- The Man Upstairs. As a babysitter extraordinaire, this one just hits too close to home. I prefer Jamie Lee Curtis in Freaky Friday.

4- Light as a feather, stiff as a board. My mom swears she and her cousin lifted my grandfather doing this trick…and I want no part of it.

5- Bloody Mary. Not gonna hear me utter those words three times in a row. Thank heavens I prefer mimosas at brunch!

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