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Top 5 Ways To Ch-Ravel (Cheaply Travel…get it?)

1- Throw privacy, caution, and fornication to the wind and stay in a hostel. You may have to stay (alone) in one tiny twin bed in a room with six other people…but it will be for under 30 bucks a night.

2- Refuse to check luggage and forcibly squeeze all of your belongings in a carry-on case. Traveling in the summer makes this humanly possible…extra points for losing weight and buying smaller clothes.

3- Build character by buying the cheap seats. Ya know, the ones where you stand for most of the six hour train ride. Been There/Done That.

4- Flirt like you’ve never flirted before. Seriously—instant 75% off all food and drinks. Married? Just divide and conquer.

5- Dine and ditch. Kidding!! But do take your food to go…you save major bucks on tipping & food is often cheaper as takeout abroad (weird, right?). Plus, what’s more romantic than sharing a crêpe within plain sight of La Tour Eiffel…

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