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Top 5 Moments Everyone Should Experience

1- Graduation day. Whether your school has cap and gowns, white summer dresses, or those happy wizard costumes worn by PhDs…enjoy it. Revel in it. Drown yourself in champagne…then wake up and get to work, son.

2- Morning bliss. That moment when you wake up before your someone, look at them as they sleep, and swear to yourself that you’ve never seen anything more beautiful.

3- Physical domination. You ran the ENTIRE 10k? You volunteered and roofed a freaking HOUSE? Whatever it is, everyone deserves an endorphin-filled/glorious moment of sweaty sovereignty.

4- Ego karma. You know the scene…you accidentally let your humility slide and say something that the real you would NEVER say. Then someone calls you on it—and you both know you deserve it. Consider it a lesson learned [and a free pass to check the next toolbag you encounter].

5- Kid giggles. Is there anything more fulfilling than making a wee one laugh uncontrollably? Nope! It’s instant therapy and¬†you get to bust out your old cookie monster impression. Win-Win, I say.

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Top 5 Things I Know To Be True

1- Traveling to another country will change your life. Whether you learn how to speak a second language, visit ancient ruins, or discover a banging recipe for sangria…you will come home a better person. Now go forth and prosper!

2- You will never regret looking nice. Ne-v-er. So shine those shoes, go to the cleaners, and put your best foot forward—You’re decorating the world, after all!

3- You’re only as good as your last conversation. Treat people with respect and appreciate every exchange…one day, these words may be be your last!

4- Friendships require upkeep, so invest in those you want to keep around…and don’t forget the bubbly.

5- Love is weird…and rarely unconditional. So appreciate what you’ve got and work hard to keep it, ya hear?

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