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Top 5 Things I Know To Be True

1- Traveling to another country will change your life. Whether you learn how to speak a second language, visit ancient ruins, or discover a banging recipe for sangria…you will come home a better person. Now go forth and prosper!

2- You will never regret looking nice. Ne-v-er. So shine those shoes, go to the cleaners, and put your best foot forward—You’re decorating the world, after all!

3- You’re only as good as your last conversation. Treat people with respect and appreciate every exchange…one day, these words may be be your last!

4- Friendships require upkeep, so invest in those you want to keep around…and don’t forget the bubbly.

5- Love is weird…and rarely unconditional. So appreciate what you’ve got and work hard to keep it, ya hear?

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Top 5 Items Worth The Splurge

1- Pricey concealer. The drug store liquid stuff is absolutely worthless, while better brands can completely transform your face.

2- A beautiful winter coat. First of all, you wear one almost every day in the most loathsome of seasons…pick something that will cheer you up! In addition, people rarely see the outfit below.

3- Sneakers. Anything that will encourage you (i.e. me) to work out more is worth it…plus custom sneaks are better for your heels, arches, ankles, etc.

4- A nice watch. It just makes you feel fancy…and it gives a good impression at the office.

5- Luxe lingerie. The last place you want to look cheap is the bedroom.

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Top 5 Ways To Look Important

1- Carry a planner. Because, obviously, people with plans need a planner. So what if your “appointments” consist of trash pick-up schedules, your (twice-a-year) dental visits, and a wedding you have no intentions of actually attending? One day you might just have to pencil in that date with Ryan Gosling.

2- Wear shades like a boss. Seriously. If you don’t believe me, try it out in the mirror…something about occluding your eyes (**cough, under eye circles) makes you walk taller, speak stronger, and just…stride with confidence. Important people stride with confidence.

3- Keep your accessories sophisticated. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worn a nice coat over a frumpy tee <bra optional>…paired with a stylish watch, sharp boots, new scarf, and…duh….shades. Even if you’re just running to the market, this look will carry you through the situation with class.

4- Resist the urge to immediately jump out of the way when someone is walking in your path. Important people don’t concede so easily, neither should you. Casually step to the side when you are fairly close to the intruding party, but never (ever!) apologize.

5- Don’t take private calls in public. Nothing kills a sophisticated look like a personal conversation. Uttering phrases like “he did WHAT?!” “Mom, for the last time, I don’t watch CSI…or NCIS…or whatever you’re talking about” or “I’m so upset that Channing Tatum is having a baby” make you less mysterious. Important people are mysterious.

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