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Top 5 Things NYC Has Taught Me

1- Forget diamonds and rosé, the true sign of luxury is a washer/dryer, dishwasher, and a/c unit.

2- As soon as a taxi stops, open the door and get in the car. Once you’re in, they have to take you to your location…but oftentimes they’ll attempt to drive off if they don’t want to go that direction.

3- The world is controlled by fast-walkers…so get moving.

4- Never take a taxi during rush hour. There is nothing more irritating than pedestrians passing your cab while the meter steadily ticks away.

5- The world is a very small place. For example, last week I met someone from the same small town in SC (population 175) in my local coffee shop. In a city of 9 million. Cuhrazy.

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