Top 5 Signs You’re Too Old For This Sh*&

1- One night out means at least two full days of recovery…which means you spend the rest of your weekend with Seamless and Netflix. So not a cute look, girlfriend.

2- You leave bars because they’re too loud and you can’t participate in meaningful conversation…because, ya know, that’s what everyone is looking for on a Saturday night.

3- The thought of taking a Fireball shot makes you want to hurl…EVEN if it’s completely free of charge.

4- You leave happy hour at a reasonable hour so you can take your dog out…and don’t harbor any resentment towards your furry friend.

5- When you see someone living out their rockstar fantasies, you secretly thank your lucky stars that it’s not you. Live and let live!

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Signs You’re Too Old For This Sh*&

  1. Josie Blume says:

    Sadly to say, this is me, although I am not averse to having a little happy hour of my own. Come on down and have one with me sometime.

  2. hbopblack says:

    Would love to, Josie! Let’s have a mini Christmas party 🙂

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