Top 5 Styles I No Longer Sport

1- Flip flops. Unless I’m at the beach, it’s highly unlikely you will catch me with these on my feet. My grandmother once told me they were “sloppy and noisy” and only excusable on teenagers…years later, I have to say I agree.

2- Butterfly sleeves. They look stunning on the hanger…and atrocious on the bod. Trust me. 

3- Denim jackers. I know they’re back and I know they’re all over the runway…but I would bet my life savings that a black or white blazer would make any outfit look better.

4- Tracksuits. This style is almost as 2003 as Paris Hilton.

5- Dresses with a banded bottom. That was a fun/brief moment in time wasn’t it? Too bad Jersey Shore had to come and ruin it for us all.

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