Top 5 Things I Notice At The Airport

1- The bratty kids. Seriously, shouldn’t there be a Kids/Families Only airline?! Get with it, Disney.

2- The baggage claim carousel that may or may not ruin my evening. Please have my bags, please have my bags…

3- The person who asks for a cocktail immediately. I always question whether this person is really fun or has a serious drinking problem…

4- The couple who is already arguing. Good Lord, please don’t sit near me.

5- The one cute guy. Good Lord, please sit near me.


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Things I Notice At The Airport

  1. marysmischief says:

    I am #3. Some of us have a debilitating fear of flying and can only manage under the influence of two cape cods and a glass of red wine. This makes me either very fun, or seriously weepy; in either scenario NOT suitable for traveling with children, a scenario that’s run through my “what it will be like to fly when I’m a mom” imagination more than once!

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