Top 5 Shoes I Will Never Forget

1- My white leather and fringed cowboy boots from approx age 2. Proof that I have always been Dolly Parton’s greatest fan.

2- My turquoise Hi-Top Chuck Taylor sneaks from age 4. Worn with matching blue shorts, pink striped top, and TWO high ponytails. To quote my mother, “after that, you were on your way.”

3- My moon boots. Big, chunky, silver, patent leather, and laced all the way up. It was an N’Sync fan’s greatest treasure. Vive la middle school.

4- My Badgley Mischka Peep Toe Pumps. They’re black satin with an elegant gold design at the ankle…and my legs have never looked better. My first designer shoes scored at a shockingly (shockingly!) low price at a thrift store in Colorado. I’m still in disbelief.

5- My black slingback that disappeared in Paris. One moment, you’re wrapped in a romantic embrace at a techno club in the 8th and the next minute…you’ve lost your shoe!! Still don’t know where that little guy ran off, but I like to think he’s sipping Cabernet Sauvignon at Le Chat Noir.


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