Top 5 Trips I Need To Take

1- Barcelona- I’ve been to Spain several times, but never to the ONE city everyone says is the best in the country. WTF, Self.

2- Alaska- The mountains, the bears, the lakes…AND the opportunity to see Russia?! What’s to lose?!

3- Istanbul- The home of the Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and some damn good coffee. Bring it.

4- Luckenbach, Texas- Gotta pay homage to the greats…and the best opening song lyrics OF ALL TIME. Rest in peace, Waylon.

5- Antarctica- While it might take a while to get there, I am determined to visit all seven continents before I leave this little world. Antarctica will no doubt be the capstone.

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Trips I Need To Take

  1. maryparker1010 says:

    Luckenbach is such a must Hayley and I know you’ve got the boots for it! Make sure you arrive on motorcycle, ready to spend the day, drink a lot of beer and dance under the Texas stars to some great music! And if you’re out there anyway, check out the Texas wine trail starting in Fredericksburg. #noregrets

  2. hbopblack says:

    I think I just died and went to heaven. Tell me more, Mrs. Parker!!

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