Top 5 “Celebrities” I Wish I Could Wish Away

1- Anyone who is currently on, has plans to be, or has participated in any Bachelor/Bachelorette season. WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE TAKING UP MY US WEEKLY COVER SPACE?!

2- With the exception of Beyonce and Mrs. Beckham, any former girl band member. Nowadays, seeing these ladies is like watching Regina George’s mom in Mean Girls.

3- Chris. Freaking. Brown.—I just can’t. There are no words.

4- Amanda Seyfried. I get SO annoyed when I see she’s in a movie I want to see…and it keeps happening. She’s an alien you guys, I swear it.

5- Any “starlet” from Teen Mom 2. However, I must ashamedly admit I still hold love for the original cast (what up Maci?!).

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 “Celebrities” I Wish I Could Wish Away

  1. hev scott says:

    I was dissapointed when my new us weekly arrived on my kindle…wtf. the virgin bachelor …holy retarded Jesus

    • hbopblack says:

      It is soooooooooo disappointing when they’re on the cover! Where is Channing Tatum?! Or Kimye? Or, even, the ever-present Aniston rumors?!

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