Top 5 Cringeworthy Oscar Moments (Thus Far)

1- Amanda Seyfried’s horrendous red carpet interview with Kristin Chenoweth. Seyfried seemed bored, unresponsive, and a bit…hostile. Plus, I think she looks like an alien.

2- Kristin Chenoweth standing next to any other woman on the red carpet. She made even the most beautiful, stunning, and healthy women look like cargo ships. Furthermore, she seemed to bask in the contrast? Adele should have slapped her when she took off her shoes. #bitch

3- Um, the BOOB SONG? More specifically, Naomi Watts’ expression when her name was mentioned. As my southern grandmother would say, the entire spectacle was in “poor taste.”

4- Ohmygoodddd Kristen Stewart. She is quite possibly the most uninteresting person on the face of this planet (maybe not Amanda Seyfried’s). Stewart either thinks she is the coolest person on earth…or is on some sort of oxycontin diet. Her presentation was painful for everyone involved.

5- Sandy, Sandy, Sandy…wtf do you have in your hair girlfriend?! While I didn’t mind her dress, the vintage clip was totes distracting. And it made her hairdo a little homely. But hey, at least she’s no longer married to Jesse James. That counts for something, right?

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Cringeworthy Oscar Moments (Thus Far)

  1. I thought Seth did a great job.

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