Top 5 Ways To Get Judged On Pinterest

1- You pin an image or quote that is so three months ago (or, God forbid, last year). Basically, any “he will never be hot” cartoon or…and it kills me to say it…my once beloved Grumpy Cat.

2- You have a wedding board that is BURSTING with different dresses, table settings, flowers, caterer’s attire, rings, candelabras, silverware, MOB outfits, etc etc etc etc…and you’re nineteen. Or thirty-seven. Whatever the case, it makes it look like getting hitched is more important to you than anything else in the world…and you know what they say about Desperate Debbies.

3- Your page is ALL crafty and no sassy. Bor-ing. Even if you DO spend 99% of your time with tiny little cretins (that you love dearly), you’re still a grown-up. Pin an off-color e-card, or perhaps a scantily clad Channing Tatum, every once and awhile to let us know you still got it.

4- You post one of those god-awful 10,000 inch long posts. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

5- Last, but certainly not least, you pin any pre-styled outfit from Polyvore. Where’s the creativity? Where’s the personal flair? Call me crazy, but it just seems to me like they’re telling you what to do, yo. Also worth mentioning—the handbags paired with the clothes are almost always hideous.

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Ways To Get Judged On Pinterest

  1. hev scott says:

    I agree that the purses are pretty bad, but for someone like me who isn’t that wonderful with SHOE decisions it helps 😉

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