Top 5 Reasons to Write (i.e. Blog)

1- You’re less likely to need bail money. Not to be a WordPress Rambo, but it’s much easier to engage in social commentary…without the actual social part. People have the bothersome habit of getting offended…or worse, ruining the comedic timing of a well-written post.

2- You are forced to actually think (if only for .02 seconds) about the thoughts you display. One can hope that between typing and submission, you have adequate time to decipher the difference between sharing and OVERsharing.

3- Any chance to gleefully explore should not be ignored (or overlooked, slighted, pooh pooh’ed, etc).

4- It has the potential to ward off bad behavior from those you hold dear.  Example:  Oh honey, I’m so glad you acted like an inconsiderate jerk with IBS last night.  I was really struggling with material for my next post.

5- Everyone else is doing it. I mean, that’s how I discovered couchsurfing, keg stands, and craigslist…what could possibly go wrong??

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